DATANORM - standard format for data exchange

DATANORM is the standard format for the exchange of articles / master data between manufacturers, wholesalers and craftsmen in the construction industry. With DATANORM you can exchange article text, prices, groups, surcharges and pictures. You need special Software to create und import DATANORM files (Important note: DATANORM is a product data exchange format, no software!)

The DATANORM was first published in 1986 as DATANORM Version 3 and the article / master data exchange quickly became a widespread service offer from suppliers in the installation and building trade. In the following years DATANORM was used in more and more branches of industry and trade. The rapid development in IT and communication technology required additional requirements for DATANORM, which were included in versions 4 and 5.

Original DATANORM-Documentation in German

The original documentation is available as books in German language from the Krammer Verlag Düsseldorf.

New-English Documentation as PDF

Since 2017 a developers guide of the versions 4 and 5 is available in English for direct download as PDF. You get it in the DATANORM-Shop

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